YSMCT offers a variety of die-cut tapes and adhesives. The demand for adhesives is growing rapidly in the manufacturing industry. The benefits of using adhesives are clear: they are ultra-light, clean and safe, and allow for more precise and efficient lamination of components.

Our experts will work closely with you to determine the best pressure sensitive adhesive or tape for your application. Whether you need optically clear tape for electronic components, silicone gel for skin contact, or 3M™ double-sided tape for automotive assembly, we can help you find the material that's right for you. The close cooperation between YSMCT's die-cutting experts and our long-term partners - the world's leading material suppliers in the tape adhesive industry such as 3M, tesa, Adchem, Polymer, Avery Dennison, etc. also enables us to We became a leader in the die-cutting industry.

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  • permanent glue
  • removable glue
  • space filler
  • Insulating sheet
  • Seals
  • Buffer
  • Medicine/skin contact glue
  • Conductive plastic
  • Industrial glue
  • Optically transparent glue
  • blackout tape
  • surface protection
  • Package
  • product enhancement